Guardians of the Wild

Explore the animal conservancies of Kenya with Micato Safaris

A breeze drifts softly over your open-air idling jeep when a lion, noble and striking, appears from within the grass. It’s like a scene from Out of Africa, except in Kenya it’s real, unfolding before your eyes. We’ll pair these unparalleled encounters with animal conservancies, which offer unprecedented wildlife viewing while protecting and preserving the animals and their environment. These animal conservancies are part of Micato Safaris and their mission. We invite you to be part of their mission, and by doing so you will leave with the knowledge that you’ve helped ensure future generations will have the same marvelous experience in the incredible land of Kenya.


A Truly Kenyan Safari

Here, we highlight our favorite conservations and the spectacular animals they help protect. With Micato Safaris, these intimate moments can be yours the minute you step off the plane in Nairobi, spanning from the grand Laikipia Plateau to the majestic Mount Kenya.


You’ll travel to Africa for close encounters of the animal kind, but you’ll leave with a newfound love for the people.

Beyond wildlife, Micato works hard to conserve the communities which welcome them and their guests year after year through school sponsorship and women’s health programs. In addition to wildlife sanctuaries, we’ll make your safari adventure an immersive experience, connecting you not only to the majestic landscape and creatures who populate it, but also with the people and the cultures who shape and preserve it.

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