Italy Your Way

Experience the very best of Italy on an expertly crafted tailor-made vacation with Abercrombie & Kent

In the charming Piedmont town of Cherasco, wander past medieval buildings and Baroque architecture — remnants of the royal Savoy family’s history here — as you savor dark chocolate-covered hazelnut clusters from Confetteria Barbero. Moments like this are expertly crafted to your tastes and interests, elevating your vacation to the highest standard. Whether you’d like to explore Florence’s timeless beauty with loved ones or watch your curious children discover the many secrets of the Sistine Chapel, we’ll work with Abercrombie & Kent to perfect your tailor-made journey through Italy.

Uncovering History and Culture

Italy is rife with fascinating history and rich culture. Make the best of your time here with exclusive access, behind-the-scenes tours and the most adept guides.

Savoring Food and Wine

Famous for its cuisine, fresh ingredients and world-renowned wine, Italy is a culinary haven for the most discerning of palates. Indulge in regional specialties and learn the secrets of traditional Italian cooking.

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