Sustainable Stay

At Terranea Resort, enviro-friendly
initiatives and conservation programs
enhance the SoCal lifestyle.

Terranea Resort is anchored in the California coastal lifestyle, designed with respect for its native environment. With ecological sustainability as its north star, this luxury resort fosters a continuous effort to uphold and protect the Palos Verdes Peninsula, preserving one of Southern California’s celebrated coastlines for generations to come. Soak in the luxe lifestyle of its spacious guest rooms, suites, and amenities, but also know that your stay is helping further the resort’s ambitious green initiatives.

Less is More

Terranea minimizes its environmental footprint by integrating eco-friendly practices throughout the resort, including (but not limited to) those that protect open space, improve wildlife habitats, and enhance local water quality. Terranea occupies only one-quarter of its 102-acre site, allowing guests to enjoy more than 75 acres of natural landscape. And the following green initiatives are just a few of the many steps Terranea spearheads in an effort to remain a leader in sustainable stays.

  • Terranea collaborates with Chefs to End Hunger, a non-profit organization that redistributes prepared food. The resort regularly donates its safely chilled and unserved surplus food to the cause. Since 2017, the resort has donated more than 7,700 pounds of food via this program.
  • The resort donates partially consumed, wholly usable toiletries left in guestrooms to the Midnight Mission in downtown Los Angeles. In one month alone, this can amount to 380-plus pounds of toiletries sent to those in need.
  • Approximately 45 50-year-old mature trees were carefully boxed and preserved during construction and then replanted throughout the site as a tribute to the area’s history.
  • All four sparkling resort pools boast saltwater treatment in lieu of a fully chlorinated system, a process both environmentally friendly and healthier for pool users.
  • Terranea’s incorporates seasonal dining menus featuring locally sourced ingredients and organic, freshly picked produce and herbs from the Chef’s Garden and the resort’s nearby Catalina View Gardens. In 2017, chickens were introduced to the farm, allowing the culinary staff to harvest eggs onsite.


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