A Taste of Europe

National Geographic Expeditions unlocks the finest in European adventure.

Experience the distinctive cultures, histories, and landscapes of Europe with the experts who know them best. National Geographic Expeditions’ guided European trips are as varied as the continent itself, from a hiking adventure in the Scottish Highlands to an action-packed family sojourn in Greece, and from river cruises along the Rhine and Danube to a voyage by tall ship along the coasts of Malta and Sicily. Gain insider access as you get to know each destination intimately — sampling its cuisine, meeting its people, and staying in accommodations that reflect the local character.

Human History: Northern Spain & Southwest France

Trace the footsteps of early humans as you explore the cradle of civilization in southwest France and on Spain’s northern coast. On an expedition designed with paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson, examine carvings and cave paintings that illustrate life up to 40,000 years ago. From the Dordogne to Basque Country, stay in beautiful medieval towns that dot these long-inhabited landscapes.

Swiss Trains & the Italian Lake District

Climb aboard Switzerland’s legendary trains and experience spectacular scenery in the Swiss Alps, from the twisted peak of the Matterhorn to the breathtaking vistas of the Bernina Pass. Soar high above Zermatt in a gondola, and enjoy a choice of hikes, walks, and tram rides through beautiful mountain landscapes. Then cross the Alps into Italy and cap off the trip on the shores of stunning Lake Como.

Italy: Renaissance Cities & Tuscan Life

Tap into the rhythms of la dolce vita on an unforgettable journey through Italy. Explore the winding canals and architectural wonders of Venice, walk through the picturesque villages, and settle into a restored medieval castello to savor the cuisine and traditions of Tuscany. Delve into the country’s enduring legacies among Florence’s Renaissance masterpieces and amid the ruins of the Roman Empire.

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