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Steve McCurry releases a new book of brand new images, including several from his ventures with Silversea Cruises.

Legendary photographer Steve McCurry is celebrating unreleased images, several of which were taken during voyages with Silversea Cruises. His book, In Search of Elsewhere, takes readers across the globe with him, revealing the diversity of human life. From India, Myanmar and Cuba, to Togo, Ethiopia, Macedonia and the monasteries of Tibet, McCurry offers a new perspective on dynamic destinations.

Silversea Cruises’ valued, long-term ambassador, McCurry writes about the project, “My collaboration with Silversea has been one of the most fruitful of my career. I’ve been able to photograph such remote, far-flung communities. The respect that they have shown me and my work and the freedom to take pictures in my own way has been a gift.” Below are a few highlights from McCurry’s book and his interview on Silversea’s blog, Discover.

What are your hopes for the future of photography? And, more generally, for the future of our planet and its people?
As humans, we have a responsibility to preserve our natural world for future generations. I believe the future of our planet is at stake. It is my hope that through my work people will see animals as intelligent beings, and nature as a sacred place, both deserving of our respect and awareness.

How did your love affair with photography begin?
I studied filmmaking in college and while on that program I took a photography class. I just fell in love with the camera, the possibilities of wandering around and taking pictures and observations of life. I decided this would be a great vehicle to travel, explore and see the world that we live in.

What is one lesson that you’ve learned from your career?
I’ve learned that there’s a commonality among people, whatever their country or nationality — and people wherever they are in the world want to be respected. And if you can respect people, it’s a wonderful world, and doors open up and everything’s fine. When people are disrespected, then things get ugly, you can see that in the world’s conflicts.

What is one thing about photography that a lot of people get wrong?
It’s not as romantic as it looks. You don’t need to have a crazy itinerary to get all the best shots; you need to allow yourself time to immerse yourself in the culture and wonder. Sometimes, the more remote places leave the best memories because they challenge you to leave your comfort zone.



In March 2017, McCurry arrived in Delhi with Silversea to discover India—a destination dear to the photographer’s heart. “As I walked down a small alley in Kolkata, I happened to pass by this small temple while the priest was starting the evening puja or prayer. Performed just before dusk, it marks the last of the daily prayers and prepares the mind for God’s beneficence.”



McCurry travelled to Antarctica for the first time with Silversea Cruises, departing Ushuaia on Silver Cloud on December 10, 2019. The photographer witnessed whales, seabirds, penguins, and elephant seals, plus vast glaciers and relics of history, frozen in time. “After a career of shooting mainly in color, my trip to Antarctica was nonetheless a visual feast,” says McCurry. “It exceeded my expectations by far. Monochromatic and minimalist, the mammoth floating sculptures are in constant motion, and the hues of white and blue relentlessly change and evolve.”



McCurry turned his lens on the Asaro people of Papua New Guinea in November 2017. “I was fascinated to meet the mudmen of Papua New Guinea’s highlands, who make ghoulish masks and pose with weapons in homage to their past tribal rivalries. Although today their dances are more ceremonial, they still revere their ancestors’ traditions by memorializing old ways of superstition and illusion.”



In November 2019, McCurry fulfilled a lifelong ambition by journeying to Madagascar with Silversea. “It had always been a dream of mine to travel to Madagascar, and I was privileged to visit for the first time in November of 2019. It was an incredible experience to see the gigantic African baobabs up close. They are often referred to as the ‘Tree of Life’ because of their age and ability to store water in times of drought.”

Photo Credit: Steve McCurry

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