India State of Mind

A Micato wellness journey is on the horizon.

India’s longstanding intrigue is once again an option for intrepid travelers. And with Micato’s unique 15-day Wellness Journey-a customized vacation concepted to restore and re-energize-you’ll return home transformed in both body and mind.

Wake up in the lap of luxury in the gorgeous Himalayan foothills, take a leisurely stroll through a hidden village in the undulating Aravali hills, learn the ancient art of yoga at a historic fort in the heart of Rajasthan, and embrace the power of mindful meditation in the lavish Rambagh Palace. The Micato Wellness Journey gives you a peek into the rich diversity of India but also allows opportunities to deeply connect with yourself.

As you explore the gems of India, beginning in Delhi, then moving on to Agra and Jaipur, you’ll discover that even the Taj Mahal holds rare architectural secrets designed with holistic well-being in mind. Relax your spirit and revitalize your body in the tranquil surroundings of Amanbagh and Ananda, the perfect gateways to balance body and mind. Throughout this Northern India journey you will immerse yourself in eastern traditions and wellness philosophies that trace back centuries.

Journey Highlights

• Experience diverse yoga and meditation practices with a special session in every destination.

• Learn the culinary principles of Ayurveda with a cooking class in the scenic Himalayas.

• Marvel at the gorgeous Taj Mahal with a focus on the hidden wellness aspects.

• Discover the tenets of Eastern Healing in a special session on the Chakra system.

• Indulge in an Energy Balancing Experience with a sensorial Singing Bowl therapy.

• Uncover the secrets of ancient astrological traditions with a Naadi Shastra expert.

• Master the art of bringing balance to the body, mind, and soul through Pranayama.

At the journey’s end, you’ll return to Delhi for your flight home. You’ll find yourself reliving the paths you walked on in search of a deeper connection to the self, the experiences that defined tranquility, and the endless possibilities of wellness in Micato’s India.

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