Mediterranean Magic

Ponant, a game-changer in small-ship cruising, connects
coastal gems.
By Amy Roberts

Many of the greatest empires in history emerged across the Mediterranean, so it’s little wonder some of Europe’s most enchanting cities and ancient landmarks are scattered across the shores. The birthplace of democracy, the pyramids of Egypt, the medieval walls of Dubrovnik, the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, the canals of Venice, and the archaeological treasures of Morocco—Ponant, the world leader in small-ship cruising, connects these Mediterranean wonders and many more. In fact, the luxury cruise company offers more than one hundred itineraries throughout the region. Here are just a few to choose from.



Croatia is known for its beautiful islands, typical Mediterranean coasts, the Walls of Dubrovnik, and historic cities like Split. Explore Croatia with Ponant and immerse yourself in a multicultural country with a rich history. Located in the heart of Europe, surprises await around nearly every corner. Dubrovnik is recognized as one of the jewels of the Adriatic. Visit the Assumption Cathedral, built on the site of a 12th-century church, and symbolizing the rebirth of the city.

Greece, Italy, Spain & Portugal


Exceptional cities, emblematic landmarks, and old-world charm are all part of this unforgettable journey. The adventure begins with a memorable crossing of the Corinth Canal, followed by a stop in Sicily’s capital city, Palermo, where you can visit royal tombs housed in the 12th-century Palermo Cathedral or take in an opera performance at the neoclassical Teatro Massimo, one of the largest theatres in Europe. From there, Sardinia’s charming squares, the picturesque Balearic Islands, the lively culture of Málaga, the archeological wonders of Valencia, and the quaint nostalgia of Lisbon all await.

Northern Africa to the Spanish Mediterranean

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This cruise begins in Casablanca, where Arab culture is perfectly entwined with modern swagger. After a day exploring “The White City,” the bewitching Moroccan port town of Tangier awaits, famous for it rich landscapes, international influence, and mint tea. Passing the Strait of Gibraltar is both mythical and magical—according to Greek mythology, the straits were formed when Hercules smashed through the mount Atlas. Once on the European continent, spend the day in Malaga and laze along the Costa del Sol. A handful of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Seville’s Alcázar and the famed Gothic Cathedral said to contain the tomb of Christopher Columbus, also dot the itinerary.

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