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1. Whisked Away to the World of Tea

Kyoto, Japan

Tea has been a center of the Japanese culture for more than a thousand years. And Kyoto became known for its green tea and lavish tea ceremonies. Experience a journey of tea tasting and production in Wazuka Village and meet a master tea craftsman in his studio. The journey culminates with a candlelit tea ceremony, where hundreds of small traditional tools, each with their own significance, are used throughout the ritual.

2. Traditional Art of Lantern Making

Hoi An, Vietnam

The ancient Vietnamese town of Hoi An is dreamy at night, as hundreds of silk lanterns hang throughout the narrow streets and shops along the riverbank. Enjoy this beautiful and colorful piece of Southeast Asian culture when you head to Hoi An with Trails of Indochina. With the guidance of local craftsman, travelers will craft their own silk lanterns and send them across the river with special prayers and wishes.

3. Participative Conservation

Phinda Private Game Reserve, South Africa

Witness rhinos, pangolins, and elephants at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve. Guests have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic rhino notching or dehorning, take a privately guided pangolin research session, and partake in elephant collaring. Funds from enjoying these one-of-a-kind experiences support various conservation initiatives.

4. Shabbat Home Hospitality

Jerusalem, Israel

Intimately connect with local Israelites by sharing a family dinner in their home. The spiritual atmosphere in the sunset hours leading up to Shabbat in Jerusalem is electrifying. Travelers are encouraged to participate in a traditional Friday night Sabbath meal for an authentic Shabbat experience. Learn and explore the local customs and lifestyle while enjoying a traditional Jewish meal.

5. Private Cruise with Oyster and Caviar Tasting on Arcachon Bay

Bordeaux Region, France

The Bay of Arcachon has the perfect mix of mild temperatures, salinity, and the right amount of sun for the natural production of oysters. Set out on a luxury private cruise to the middle of the bay for a local oyster and champagne tasting. On the way back to the dock, the barge will stop at a local sturgeon farm for a unique caviar tasting.

6. Private Biking & Cooking with a Top Chef

Ampurdán, Spain

Spend the morning pedaling among towns carved from red rock, vineyards, and the scent of the seaside. Your guide will reveal the fascinating history and importance of the area as you explore medieval villages and the beautiful Spanish countryside. Once you’ve worked up an appetite, your tour guide will drop you off at Pilar’s—a renowned chef trained in the most prestigious cooking schools. Guests will join Chef Pilar for a cooking class in her home kitchen and enjoy a meal in her beautiful garden (which has spectacular views of the area).

7. Car Lovers Dream

Cologne, Germany

Experience 100 years of motorsport history during a private backstage tour at the world-renowned Nürburgring racing track. Those who have the need for speed can ride shotgun with an experienced driver and navigate the “Beast of the Green Hell.” Guests can also test drive the latest models of such famous German cars as BMW, Audi, Mercedes, or Porsche via a leisurely private countryside tour or as a student in one of their driving academies.

8. Organic Farm Visit

Perthshire, Scotland

Visit Hugh and Sascha, owners of one of the most celebrated livestock farms in the area. A tour of the farm includes a stroll through the lush Perthshire pastures filled with purebred Aberdeen Angus cows, free-range chickens, and rare breed Berkshire pigs. Guests will learn about the local food scene, observe a hardworking sheepdog at work, and meet the farm’s butcher who discusses sourcing the best cuts of meat. The visit concludes with a delicious steak tasting, where guests sample four award-winning pedigree steaks followed by an organic lunch served in Hugh and Sascha’s traditional farmhouse kitchen.

9. The Great Blue Hole - Lighthouse Reef

Belize Barrier Reef Reserve, Belize

Located within Lighthouse Reef Atoll in the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve UNESCO site, the Blue Hole Natural Monument is Belize’s most iconic locale and one-seventh of Belize’s World Heritage Site. What’s more, Discovery Channel ranked the Great Blue Hole as number-one on its list of “The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth.” As the only “Blue Hole” on Earth visible from space, the almost perfect circular crater is 1,000 feet in diameter and more than 400 feet deep. Take a thrilling helicopter ride with spectacular aerial views of the beautiful surrounding land, including the Turneffe Islands, or dare to scuba dive into its ethereal depths.

10. Authentic Maori Experience

Rotorua/Taupo, New Zealand

Experience a day with the Maori. Your guide will explain the history of the Maori powhiri (welcome) along with other important protocols at a local marae (meeting house) on the shores of Lake Rotoiti. Learn about the area and rich history of the tribe prior to preparing a traditional hangi (meal). Following lunch, travelers will enjoy the famous haka (war dance) and learn the importance of song and dance to the Maori culture. The day concludes with a sailing trip on Lake Rotoiti and the option to indulge in the Manupirua Hot Springs, thermal hot pools only accessible via boat.

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