10 Experiences to
Ignite Your Wanderlust

With so many incredible countries to visit, decision fatigue in the travel world is a positive. Here is further enticement to prep your frequent flyer miles.

1. Moments with a Zen Monk

Japan, Kansai (Kyoto)

Visit one of the most significant Zen monasteries in Japan and immerse yourself into the world of Zen Buddhism. You’ll learn from a revered monk, who will open windows into the way of thinking, practice, and day-to-day life of Zen practitioners. This experience offers fascinating insights to Zen Buddhism, its art, its meditation, as well as to a life and mind of a person who has devoted his existence to its practice.

2. Exclusive Evening in Mehrangarh Fort

Jodhpur, India

As twilight descends on the historic fort of Jodhpur, the rugged impregnable walls and the delicate palaces come alive during a walk with the museum curator. Listen to tales of sacrifice and adventure and discuss a painting and fort architecture.

3. Exploring Kenya by Helicopter

Northern Kenya

This half day heli-excursion will take you over two of the Great Rift Valley lakes and introduce you to one of the most secretive tribes in Kenya: the Pokot. First, fly to Lake Bogoria and land on its soda shores which are bursting with pink flamingoes. Then it’s onto the southern tip of the Suguta Valley where you will visit with the Pokot people—one of the most authentic cultural experiences Kenya has to offer. On the rim of the Silale Crater, you’ll touch down for refreshments and views from the beautiful caldera before flying back to your lodge over the Laikipia wilderness.

4. Dead Sea Experience

Jerusalem, Israel

Just a short drive from Jerusalem, board a private motorboat for a unique glimpse into the scenic wonder of the Dead Sea from new and unfamiliar angles. This private tour accesses areas only accessible by boat. Discover unique salt-crystals and formations along the shores of the sea, with stunning desert mountains surrounding you on both sides of the lake.

5. Private Caviar Tasting

Malaga, Spain

Discover how Spanish culinary artisans are continuing to revolutionize the gourmet scene. Pay an exclusive visit to the banks of the river in the charming village of Riofrio to learn how the purity and temperature of the water offer perfect conditions for breeding sturgeon in a natural environment. Enjoy a tasting of unique caviar varieties naturally produced in a sustainable and ecological way, free of antibiotics, force-feeding, and any other artificial fish farming techniques.

6. Ballooning in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, Turkey

Imagine waking up early in the morning before the sunrise and traveling to the take-off site and watch as your balloon is prepared, enter the basket and off you go into the sunrise. Ballooning over the lunar landscape of Cappadocia is a once in a lifetime opportunity a thrilling experience.

7. The Magic of Mexico

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Experience an unforgettable family with Journey Mexico and Rosewood Mayakoba. Explore Tulum’s beach-side ruins, an underground subterranean river system, and the biologically rich Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Head to the clouds for a privately chartered flight over the Yucatan to visit the ancient Maya city of Uxmal and one of the world’s great small cities, Merida.  Take a private catamaran sailing trip and snorkel the world’s second-largest coral reef.

8. Grand Canyon Glamping

Grand Canyon North Rim, AZ

Set up exclusively for you, a private campsite enables you to enjoy all nature has to offer in a secluded, tranquil area with upscale accommodations. Situated near the dramatic and least-visited rim of the Grand Canyon, your camp easily access hiking into the canyon and surrounding trails. Unwind in your tent or relax in the lounge area while your chef prepares a fresh seasonal meal. Afterwards, roast s’mores around the crackling campfire and enjoy world-class stargazing.

9. Ice Cave Adventure

Whistler, Canada

From British Columbia’s rugged wilderness to the pristine turquoise lakes of the Coast Mountains, from snow-capped peaks and ancient valleys to the high glacier caves, this luxury heli experience guarantees lasting memories. Take a private flight to remote glacial ice caves. Journey into the mountains on an easy mountaineering adventure to visit a series of majestic ice caves. Explore deep inside a glacier with a certified guide and touch the ancient glacial ice. A photographer’s dream!

10. The Land of a Thousand Rhythms

Cartagena, Colombia

Those who are keen to learn of Caribbean rhythms are in for a treat! Your host is a Berkeley expert who graduated in Musical Arts. He will introduce you to the different musical genres of the Colombian Caribbean, featuring a live performance by virtuoso players. The concert covers the rhythms of Porro, Fandango, the Vallenato options, the influence of the African music and its mixture with the instruments of indigenous origin, the Cumbia, Mapalé, and the music of San Basilio de Palenque.

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