New Year,
New Perspectives

Go West!

Ultimate Experiences Editor-at-Large, Ignacio Maza, reveals the best of Wyoming.

17 Beaches in Costa Rica That’ll Have You Running for Your Passport

Costa Rica opened to all U.S. travelers on November 1—making the country’s hundreds of beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts available once more.
By AFAR Editors

Signature Cocktails From Around the World That You Should Definitely Try at Home

These global drinks are fairly easy to shake, but as always: Mix responsibly.
By Ashley Goldsmith

Eye Spy…

Steve McCurry releases a new book of brand new images, including several from his ventures with Silversea Cruises.

Leveraging Connection

Travel Elevates is fostering a growing global community.

How the Classic Éclair Got a Major Modern Makeover

The beloved French pastry received a 21st century revamp. It looks—and tastes—better than ever.
By Lindsey Tramuta

Checking In!

Discover the finest hotels, resorts, lodges, spas and unique places to stay around the globe.
The Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach Resort & Club
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