A Bite of the Big Apple

Savor Manhattan’s Casa Cipriani New York.

New York City is famous for iconic landmarks, and the former Battery Maritime Building is one that’s being redefined. Recently opened as the new Casa Cipriani, the property is one of the last remaining Beaux-Arts style ferry terminals of the 20th century—a property built in 1906 that continues to celebrate the best of the Big Apple.

And with its start as one of the city’s mainstays in the restaurant industry, the Cipriani brand is setting the stage for stellar on-property wining and dining experiences. Cipriani claims the original Bellini (in 1948 Giuseppe Cipriani, inspired by Venetian painter Giovanni Bellini, concocted a pink fruity drink from small white peaches) and steak carpaccio, which originated at Harry’s Bar for a contessa (and named after Carpaccio’s red and white paintings).

A sneak peek for the hotel connoisseur? Casa Cipriani features luxury 47 rooms and suites with private balconies overlooking the Brooklyn bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

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