Top 5 Adventures in South Korea

Searching for an adrenaline or cultural boost amongst unforgettable scenery? Look no further.

Korea is a must see on any Asian adventure. With a vibrant and eclectic culture, delicious food, ancient temples, breathtaking landscapes, and friendly people, Korea has something for every type traveler.

1. Tongyeong Cable Car

As the longest cable car in Korea, it stretches more than 1,975 meters, and is the only dual-cable automatic circulating gondola system in the country. From the top of the car, near the peak of Mireuk-san, travelers can experience an amazing view of Hallyeo Maritime National Park. If you’re up for a two-hour hike, buy a one-way ticket and take the cable car down after your trek up the mountain.

2. Skyline Luge

Located in Tongyeong, the Skyline Luge offers a enjoyable outdoor experience for all. The unique wheeled-gravity ride offers riders full control over their descent on a purpose-built track. The four different tracks are all designed with hairpin turns, including long, straight, and exciting up-and-down twists—all created to maximize the fun and excitement.

3. Mural Villages of Dongpirang & Seopirang

Dongpirang and Seopirang Mural Villages are two of the biggest reasons why Tongyeong is the great cultural destination it is today. Located east and west of Tongyeong Jungang Market, both neighborhoods, set on steep slopes, fell into disrepair. However, with the help of amateur artist volunteers these neighborhoods were transformed into destinations through whimsical murals and interesting sculptures. Some of the most popular pieces of artwork include 99 Steps, Butt Chairs, and Malttukbakgi Chairs.

4. Sea Walking in Jeju Island

Put on your oxygen helmet and start exploring the underwater world of Jeju Island. Imagine walking along the ocean floor observing marine life. That is sea walking. This new sea sport gives adventurers the opportunity to journey underwater without scuba diving skills. A constant supply of fresh air is pumped into the helmet as explorers experience ethereal life below the water.

5. Yacht Tour

Spend a relaxing day aboard a luxury yacht. Leave from Jeju Island and explore the beautiful sights of Daepo Columnar Joint, Beomseom Island, Hyeongjeseom Island, Gapado Island, and Marado Island. Along with the fantastic day at sea, guests can also enjoy a formal dinner, deep-sea fishing, and indulge in local caviar.

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