Into the Bush with Micato Safaris

Ask anyone with a passport what’s on their travel wish list, and “African safari” is a likely answer.
By Amy Roberts

Ask why it’s still in the “someday” column and you can expect to hear a variety of reasons, with “We’re waiting until the kids are old enough to appreciate the experience,” usually among the top.

But award-winning Micato Safaris understands wanderlust, curiosity, and an appreciation for nature aren’t determined by candles on a birthday cake—they’re a part of our genetic code—as innate as our ability to breathe. That’s why the company offers a variety of safaris that cater to families and bestow a deep sense of connection to the natural world, and to each other. In fact, Micato is known for specializing in multigenerational trips, tailored to each member of the family—from toddlers to octogenarians. Perhaps that’s why the company has been declared the “#1 World’s Best Safari Outfitter” an unprecedented 10 times by Travel + Leisure readers.

Micato specializes in classic and private, custom safaris throughout Africa and India. All three generations of the company owners, the Pinto family, are known for personally field testing each itinerary. In fact, the Pintos, who started Micato from their home in Kenya almost six decades ago, are intimately involved and eager to create bespoke itineraries and offer personal recommendations.

Larger families may opt for a private custom safari, allowing ample opportunity for whim-driven pursuits. Budding naturalists can feed baby elephants and learn the art of tracking from their expert guide, while teenagers who yearn for adventure can explore the bush on an ATV. Grandparents who prefer to let nature come to them might enjoy a sundowner from the private deck of their well-appointed tented camp—the perfect viewing spot for a tower of passing giraffes. For parents, floating over the uncomplicated serenity of the Maasai Mara via a hot-air balloon safari is as romantic as it is soul-stirring. A visit to the Harambee Community Centre in Nairobi’s Mukuru slum is a life-changing experience that invokes both empathy and cultural awareness for everyone.

Micato also offers Classic Safaris, small-group journeys with hundreds of guaranteed departure dates throughout the year—many of which are intentionally timed to suit school schedules and break periods. Classic safaris include the legendary savannahs of Africa, exceptional lodgings, and the game drives, bush walks, night drives, and wow-factor moments that make up the quintessential safari experience.


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