A Return to Africa

Micato Safaris sets the standard for upscale adventure throughout East Africa and Southern Africa.

There’s a reason Karen Blixen’s novel, Out of Africa, has withstood the test of time. The romance of Africa is anchored in a true reverence of the land, and a trip to Africa is often a return to what matters most. Africa is a transformative destination, where you can build connections with locals and relish the wildlife, like wildebeest, lions, leopards, cheetah, elephants, and rhino—often in one day! So whether on safari or discovering Micato’s unique AmericaShare program, here’s how to best explore East Africa and Southern Africa.


Top 3 Ways to Safari with Micato

Custom Safaris are ideal for guests seeking a customized and completely unique itinerary designed around personal travel preferences and interests.

Classic Safaris offer guaranteed, pre-set departures (regardless of the number of bookings) and these popular safari itineraries are offered year-round.

Private Classic Safaris provide guests the opportunity to travel exclusively with family and friends on one of Micato’s Classic departures.

Transformative Micato Adventures
An increasing amount of multi-generational families are traveling together. As such, Micato now offers such family accommodations as private-use homesteads, exclusive villas, and intimate tented camps. Lodging options can be reserved on a private basis, while the following are itinerary highlights tailored for immersive experiences.

• Come face-to-face with silverback gorillas, where you’ll be close enough to hear each other breathe.

• Sit at Devil’s Pool, a gurgling natural whirlpool hovering just inches from the top of the 354-foot roar of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

• Trek in the Mahale Mountains near Jane Goodall’s Gombe Stream location and get glimpses of the social chimpanzee.

• Journey via helicopter to go fly fishing in the streams of Mt. Kenya—not far from where Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton.

• Sandboard by helicopter at Suguta Valley, Kenya—one of the driest, most remote, and most beautiful areas of the country.

• Jog through the Great Rift Valley alongside a barefooted Maasai warrior. A memorable workout for sure!

• Trek through the Chyulu Cloud Forest near Mt. Kilimanjaro, hosted by Maasai tribal people.


Spotlight on… Giving Back
Micato believes the most powerful tool for sustainable change in Africa is education. To that end, in 1986 Micato employee Lorna Macleod founded AmericaShare, which directs the charitable work of Micato Safaris. Today AmericaShare is dedicated to improving lives through education, focusing on the vulnerable and impoverished women and children in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi, Kenya. Micato guests have the opportunity to learn about how they can personally contribute along with being part of The Micato One for One Commitment, through which Micato sends a child to school for every guest on safari.


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