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Step aboard Silversea’s Silver Origin for a
Galápagos expedition like no other.

Inspired by Charles Darwin’s legendary voyage aboard the HMS Beagle in 1835, iconic photographer Steve McCurry described his trip to the archipelago as “a childhood dream that came true.” And when one steps ashore on these 13 prehistoric islands of volcanic origin—which offer a safe refuge to approximately 9,000 known species of flora and fauna, including species that boast vibrant blue feet, vivid red shells, golden scales, and balloon-like gular sacks—one immediately understands their uniqueness. These are microcosmic ecosystems, each of which differs in appearance and character to the next—equally as otherworldly and always alluring. Here’s how Silversea celebrates this storied area and delivers travel that truly transforms.

Natural History Museum

The Silver Origin houses a collection of art and artifacts that celebrate the Galápagos Archipelago and change guests’ perspective.


Redefining Ultra-Luxe

Silversea guests who have already traveled on Galápagos cruises have enjoyed butler service and all-suite accommodations. Silver Origin upgrades that experience even more via new contemporary designs and features. In a first for Silversea, some suite categories have ocean-view bathtubs and showers that can be accessed from balconies. Additionally, the newly introduced Horizon Balcony transforms balconies from outdoors to indoors with just a touch of a button. All suites, regardless of category, are the most spacious available on Galápagos voyages.

Designed for the Galápagos

Every element of the ship has been designed with the destination in mind. Tailored to enhance the experience for travelers, the ship fosters a deep sense of respect for the magnificent ecosystem found in the Galápagos.


Galápagos: A unique place on Earth

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