Island Time

Paul Gaugin Cruises ensures next-level adventure.
By Avery Bredesen

The desire for more intimate and immersive cruising experiences have taken hold. As such, rather than just passing from port to port, Paul Gauguin Cruises is designed to create meaningful memories through connections with the land and its people. Indelible moments will stick around long after your tan fades and the last bit of sand falls from your suitcase.

Cultural Care

French Polynesia is not only known for its unspoiled beauty but steeped in tradition. Paul Gauguin Cruises infuses every part of the cruising experience with the Polynesian spirit and island hospitality. Cultural ambassadors invite guests to experience the local way of life through workshops like lei-making and ukulele lessons and dynamic lectures. The islands are also famous for fresh fare, so Gauguin chefs capitalize on these ingredients through regional menus starring dishes like traditional suckling pig and moonfish.

Environmental Endeavors

A deep respect for the ocean and lush lands is woven throughout the history of French Polynesia. Paul Gauguin Cruises follows suit with an eco-friendly focus on and off the ship. Younger voyagers will love the Moana Explorer program, a series of interactive excursions led by naturalists in partnership with Te mana o te moana—a South Pacific marine education and conservation foundation. Adventurers of all ages can explore the underwater world with SCUBA certification courses and excursions. Crystal-clear waters and thriving coral reefs are playgrounds for divers looking to spot gray reef sharks, giant octopi, and a rainbow of tropical fish while lectures back on board educate on preservation of these fragile ecosystems.

Local Mentality

Sustainable travel is here to stay as it benefits travelers and local communities. Shop for authentic souvenirs at local marketplaces, explore the marae (ancient temples) with a resident guide, and learn about cultivating treasured black pearls on an oyster farm. These are but a few experiences you can embark on focusing on supporting local businesses and giving back to the people of French Polynesia.

An Elevated Stay

The m/s Paul Gauguin, a small-ship cruiser’s dream, recently underwent extensive renovations, resulting in an elevated experience. Modern stateroom décor reflects the islands, while restaurants and public spaces feature new woodwork, textiles, comfortable seating, lighting, and more for a luxuriously relaxing atmosphere. The ship itself also employs new eco-friendly practices like eliminating the use of heavy fuel oil and minimizing environmental impact with new energy-saving initiatives.


The m/s Paul Gauguin Reimagined

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