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Whether you picture yourself floating above a stunning African landscape in a hot-air balloon or taking in Cape Town’s cosmopolitan flair, discover unexpected, ultimate experiences with Micato Safaris. Read on to find your ideal trip.

The Micato Grand Safari


With a nod to the old romantic days of princes, princesses, and former presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, the Grand Safari is one of Micato’s  top-tier offerings. Travelers are hosted at East Africa’s most luxurious tented camps and lodges.

Highlights include a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride at sunrise, followed by an al fresco breakfast in the bush. With endless views of the siringet, or the “the place where the land runs on forever” as the local Maasai describe the Mara Region, the birds-eye view brings Tanzania’s vast landscape to life. With luck, witness many of the more than one million wildebeest living on the open plains. After feeling inspired and energized, sip champagne while reflecting on witnessing the Earth’s natural majesty.

African Splendour


A combination of the urban hustle in Cape Town and the immensity of Victoria Falls and the Serengeti-Maasai Mara ecosystem, African Splendour offers Micato’s only experience spanning both East and South Africa.

Between Cape Town and the Serengeti National Park, “The Smoke That Thunders”—aka Victoria Falls— comes in to view. A wide, jaw-dropping amount of water falling 360 feet down steep cliffs is an epic sight. Additionally, this segment of the safari offers a cruise on the Zambezi River and the unique Flight of Angels, in which helicopters fly over the falls—an exclusive and incredible vantagepoint.

Tanzania Spectacular


The aroma of coffee permeates the air at Arusha Coffee Lodge, located in the foothills of Mount Meru among one of Tanzania’s largest coffee plantations. The relaxing and serene atmosphere makes it the ideal respite prior to embarking on a safari adventure. Comprised of 30 plantation houses built around the original landowner’s home, the lodge offers a property walk to witness its bean-to-cup production. Guests can also visit Arusha National Park, home to diverse habitats with blue monkeys, colorful turacos and trogons, and the only spot along the safari route where black and white colobus monkeys can be seen.

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