Brazil Bound?

Keep the natural wonders of the world on your horizon as we await access to our favorite destinations. Mother Nature will be even more inspiring when we stand beneath a waterfall or sink our toes in the sand again. Here, Ignacio Maza lends insider access to one of his favorite countries.

Immerse yourself in this vibrant country and discover distinctive architecture, unrivaled music, and a sophisticated culture primed for exploration.



Sunrise at Sugar Loaf Experience: Rise before dawn and head to the cable car station, as you’ll gain exclusive access to the cable car network before it opens (Note: Available only to guests of Belmond Copacabana Palace). Ride to the top of the iconic Sugar Loaf Mountain and marvel at the panorama of Rio. Enjoy an indulgent breakfast to accompany the sensational views.

Insider Gourmet Tour: Explore Rio’s most authentic neighborhoods, visit markets and restaurants, and learn about Brazil’s unique culinary history.

Beach and Stand-up Paddleboard Experience: Explore up to 10 different beaches and take a stand-up paddleboard class in the mangroves of Restinga de Marambaia, Rio’s enormous natural marine reserve.

Tijuca Forest Adventure: Hike through Tijuca National Park on challenging paths and escarpments offering fantastic views of Rio, followed by a refreshing swim beneath a cascading waterfall.

Sail Guanabara Bay: Enjoy a private cruise around Rio’s Guanabara bay, exploring little-known beaches and coves, swimming and snorkeling, and seeing the city from a whole new perspective. Complete your experience during a sunset sail, when Rio is awash in purple and pink hues.

Hang Gliding (in tandem):
If you weigh less than 220 pounds, hang glide with an instructor from a 1,500-foot high granite mountain, landing in Praia do Pepino (Pepino beach) in the São Conrado area. The flight takes about 10 minutes and provides exceptional views of Rio from the air.

What Else? Take a cooking class, learn how to Samba from an expert, or visit one of Rio’s favelas via cable car.



Salvador de Bahia
Arts Tour: Experience Salvador de Bahia through the eyes of novelist Jorge Amado (Brazil’s best-known writer), artist Carybé, and photographer Pierre Verger, Bahia’s chronicler of authentic and emblematic images.

What Else? Learn the Capoeira (martial arts, combining dance with fight and games) with a master instructor, take a percussion class, learn the secrets of Bahian cuisine with a special cooking class, or sail around All Saints Bay, exploring secret hideaways, beautiful beaches, and popular spots.

Ouro Preto and nearby towns in Minas Gerais
Tiradentes Gastronomic Experience: Explore the gastronomic roots of the region in Tiradentes, a city known for its culinary traditions. Visit local producers of cheese, pasta, sweets, and cachaça.

Adventure and Countryside Retreat in Ibitipoca: Halfway between Ouro Preto and Rio de Janeiro is the Comuna de Ibitapoca, a unique colonial-era homestead now converted into a luxury resort. The property is hidden within a vast natural reserve, offering guests the opportunity to hike beautiful valleys and explore caves and natural wonders. Nestled within the rainforest are enormous, extraordinary sculptures, some taller than hardwood trees (and well worth the long drive!).

Art Lover’s Dream: On your way to or from Ouro Preto, visit Inhotim, the largest outdoor art exhibit in Latin America. The site, opened in 2004, was built to house the private art collection of Bernardo Paz, a wealthy Brazilian businessman. Inhotim is enormous, covering over 5,000 acres, and featuring 24 pavilions with more than 500 works of modern art by Brazilian and international artists. Art is displayed among fantastic botanical gardens conceived by the late landscape architect, Roberto Burle Marx.



Early Access: Belmond Hotel Das Cataratas is the only property located within Brazil’s Iguassu National Park, allowing guests to walk the park’s many paths and get to the best viewing sites before opening hours.

Bird Bliss: For lovers of parrots, hummingbirds and other tropical birds, a visit to Iguassu’s famed Bird Park is a must. Spot over 160 different bird species within the 12-acre nature reserve. Don’t forget to feed the toucans!

Other Options: During your stay in Iguassu, hike jungle trails, rappel down waterfalls, go whitewater rafting, or soar over the falls in a helicopter. Alternatively, cross the border into Argentina for a completely different experience seeing the falls as you navigate catwalks and paths right next to or over the cataracts.

Favorite Experience: For a rush of adrenaline, don’t miss the Macuco safari. Start with a jeep ride through the rain forest followed by a white-knuckle speedboat ride that takes you right up to crashing waterfalls. The experience will leave you breathless, and yes, you will get soaked.

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