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We may not be stepping aboard our favorite luxury river ships this month. But when we do, Uniworld’s pre-Egypt cruise will showcase the best of Jordan.

Less than 420 miles from the start of Uniworld’s Splendors of Egypt & the Nile cruise lies the country of Jordan. Add six days to the beginning of your adventure down the Nile and explore incredible history by experiencing the archaeological sites, ancient ruins, and jaw-dropping landscapes throughout Jordan.

The Epicurious:


While in the coastal city of Aqaba, make your way to old town, where you’ll discover some of Jordan’s best culinary treats. Locals enjoy the area around Raghadan and Zahran Streets, where you’ll find traditional restaurants serving mansaf, zarb, minced kebab, and mouthwatering hummus. Don’t miss the local sayadieh—freshly caught grouper with caramelized onions, spices, nuts, and herbs.

The Adventurer:


Jump in a Bedouin jeep for a tour of the Wadi Rum desert (where the Golden Globe-winning movie “The Martian” was filmed). Experience a maze of canyons and rock outcroppings as you uncover natural wonders throughout seemingly endless desert.

The History Buff:


A perfect introduction to the Middle East, Amman was the birthplace of several civilizations yet today is a westernized and modern hub. Only 30 miles north of Amman sits Jerash, one of the original 10 great Roman cities. Now one of the best-preserved Roman provincial towns, Jerash features hilltop temples, cities walled with towers, public squares, and beautiful theaters—all rooted in Roman ancestry.

The Romantic:


The Sun City Camp in Wadi Rum or the “Valley of the Moon” is located in a desert landscape with unique rock formations everywhere you look. While at this luxury desert camp, spend time in your futuristic “martian dome” enjoying the magnificent stars as you gaze through the domed glass window.

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